This Cool Therapy Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion with coccyx cut out from Forsite Health will help reduce pressure on the tailbone and hips while sitting. The cooling gel layer adds extra comfort and is ideal for a variety of sitting environments – on a wheelchair, in the car, at the office, while traveling etc...

The design of the pillow also helps promote better posture and spine alignment and anyone who has suffered from lower back pain know that these are important. The seat cushion features a machine washable velour cover for quick and easy cleaning.

Lightweight and comfortable, take this pillow wherever you go to give you to add comfort to your seat.



High Grade Memory Foam for added comfort and longer lasting pillow
Deeper ergonomic shape to hug your bottom as your sit and distribute support evenly
Reduces tailbone pressure with coccyx cut out
Ideal for office chairs, car seats, airplanes, sporting events or concerts and more
Removable and washable velour cover
Promotes healthy posture and spine alignment
Ideal for sciatic nerve damage or sciatica relief
Ideal for pregnancy or post coccygectomy surgery
1 Year Warranty
Dimensions: 43.2 x 8.9 x 35.6 cm
Weight: 1.3 Kg



  • Lightweight and comfortable, take this pressure reducing cushion wherever you go for added comfort on your seat.
  • Sloping wedge shape helps align spine and tilts pelvis to restore the natural lumbar curve, a position often recommended by doctors for comfort and relief.
  • High density memory foam for added comfort and a longer lasting pillow. Memory foam has higher density and thus is more supportive and conforms to your body more.
  • Breathable & temperature sensitive: in normal temperature, it’s firm, but when the memory foam seat cushion warms to your body temperature, it molds exactly to your body’s contours.
  • Deeper ergonomic shape to hug your bottom as you sit, while it distributes support evenly.
  • Tailbone cut out on this therapeutic pillow reduces tailbone pressure after tailbone or sciatic injuries, childbirth, and more.
  • Use it anywhere: perfect for office chairs, car seats, airplanes, games, concerts and more.
  • Easy wash and dry: removable and washable velour cover.

Take pressure off your spine, hips, and tailbone with this high-quality Forsite Health Memory Foam Seat Cushion with coccyx (tailbone) cut out. Whether you have a tailbone injury or find that sitting for hours puts too much stress on your joints, this lightweight and soft contour memory foam pillow comes to the rescue with its unique and pressure-relieving design. The comfortable memory foam cushion will give you hours of comfort at the office, in the car, in a wheelchair or on a plane. It’s easy to care for, too, with its machine washable velour cover.


FH1046 FORSITE Cool Therapy Gel Seat Cushion

Side sleepers will love this innovative leg spacer pillow that’s designed  to help restore the body’s natural alignment, relax your back muscles, and relieve pressure for a soothing sleep each night. Foresite Health’s Memory Foam Leg Pillow will become an indispensable part of your bedtime routine, whether you suffer from back pain and body aches, or just want to improve your overall comfort for a sound night’s rest. This soft contoured knee pillow is curved to fit between your legs and stays in place all night. It helps restore the alignment of your back, hips and knees.

  • Supportive and therapeutic cushion: it keeps your legs, hips and spine aligned, thereby relieving strain and even promoting circulation in those areas.
  • Incredibly soft, the pillow’s velour cover feels great against bare skin, and the high-grade memory foam retains its shape over time.
  • Easy care support pillow: easily removable and washable velour cover is a cinch to keep clean.
  • Unique shape is designed to fit between your legs and stay put all night.
  • Durable and comfortable pressure relief cushion is sized perfectly at 6” x 8” x 9.85”.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.