Get in and out bed easier with the Forsite Health Adjustable Chrome Bed Rail

This attractive bed rail can be placed on either side of the bed and features a chrome finish with padded rails for extra comfort. This rail adds safety to your existing bed and will fit any mattress from Twin size to King size as well as hospital beds. 

Simply slide the bed rail between your mattress and box spring and you're all set. With non slip grips, the rail stays in place at all times. There is an optional safety strap (included) for additional safety which can be fitted around the mattress if needed.

The rail is adjustable in height to suit each user and will adjust from 17" to 21" in height.


Tool Free Assembly
Chrome Finish, Easy to Clean
Slides Under Mattress with Non Slip Grips for Added Safety
Dimensions 36" x 20" x 17"
Height Adjustment from 17" to 21"
Includes Optional Safety Strap
Weight Limit: Standard at 200lbs
Fits Twin to King Size Mattress

FH1051 FORISTE HEALTH Quick Adjust Cane

FH1021FORSITE Health Deluxe Swivel Seat

Forsite Health M Safety Bed Rail

Bed guard rails keep seniors safer and more secure in their bed. They help those with walkers or wheelchairs get into or out of bed easily. You can also use
yourbed side rail to help re-position yourself in your bed, so you sleep soundly. The M Style Bed Rail offers varying angles for users to reach and grip onto, making it an often recommended bed rail from Occupational Therapists.

Other features of the Forsite safety bed rail include:

Can be used on either side of the bed, for convenience
Includes a foam hand grip that resists slips and a safety strap
The rail doesn’t confine you to bed, so you can still comfortably get up whenever you like



Fits all beds over 94 cm (37 in.)
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
Height: Adjustable, maximum 50.8 cm (20 in.)
Width: 50.8 cm (20 in.)
Under mattress length: 94 cm (37 in.)
Frame material: 94 cm (37 in.)


Caregivers will appreciate that this bed rail allows the patient to use their arms to assist with sitting up or standing. Purchase the Forsite Health M Safety Bed Rail in Canada from Age Comfort today.



Introducing the world’s fastest & most easy to use adjustable walking cane!

The Forsite Health Quick Adjust Cane features cutting edge technology that allows for instant height adjustments in seconds, with just the touch of a finger. Go from 25.2” to 40” in height without having to fumble around with click buttons or cumbersome height adjustments like most existing and traditional walking canes.

The unisex plaid design offers a sleek and stylish look ideal for any occasion and the derby style cane wooden handle offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The quick adjust cane features a strong rubber gripping foot with 3/4” shaft opening, allowing for the addition of retro fit grips if desired.


Forsite Health Bed Rail Storage Caddy 

Bed rails for seniors can be even more useful, by keeping your everyday items, including medication and smartphone, television remote, right by your bedside. This bed rail organizer pouch does just that, with no assembly required.

Imagine having your tissues, books, and snacks all at your side without having to stand to go get them. This bed rail pocket organizer is perfect for those who are occasionally confined to a bed, like those with knee and hip injuries, multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia.

Even those who get up every day will find it convenient to store everything they need for a smooth morning or a comfortable sleep in this bedside storage organizer.

Discover the convenience of a bedside storage pouch and buy the Forsite Health Bed rail storage caddy today. Fits most standard bed rails.

Item does not include the bed rail.

Are you or a loved one bedridden or have trouble getting in and out of bed? Medical bed rails can be a wonderful solution for preventing you from rolling or falling out of bed, while also providing support for moving into or out of the bed. This adjustable height bed rail from Forsite Health can be placed on either side of the bed and you can easily tailor the height to your needs. Get back your bedtime balance and stability.

Adjustable height lets you or a caregiver choose the perfect height and move it up or down as needed.
Simple tool-free assembly, this bedside rail is easy to put together.
Slides under the mattress with a no-slip grip to preventit from sliding out of place.
Lightweight and easy to clean: this hospital bed rail is made from sturdy but light chrome-plated steel.
Height - Floor to bed rail 17" to 20.5" 
Total height from floor to top of hand rail 32.5" to 37" 

Dimensions: 19.5” width x 16” height x 40” length and 250lb weight limit.

The lighting fast height adjustments are ideal when climbing up or down stairs, instantly giving you the proper cane height, helping prevent the possibility of falling. Also when getting up or down from a seated position, this cane will help you without the added time and effort of awkward or clumsy height adjustments.

We’re so impressed with how stylish & easy to use this cane is, we’re confident that this will become your new favourite cane!


Instant height adjustment changes with 1 finger
Strong aluminum body
Stylish unisex design
Ergonomic derby handle
Sturdy rubber grip


Minimum total length of cane: 25.2”
Maximum total length of cane: 40”
Height adjustment: Infinite height adjustment between 25.2” to 40”
Cane shaft size: 3/4"
Weight capacity: 250lbs
Warranty: 1 yearType your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Say hello to your new car companion - Forsite Health's Memory Foam Deluxe Swivel Seat. It's light, portable, and boasts smooth 360-degree swivel action for easy movement even if you have a sore back or hips. It's not just for use in automobiles though; use this swivel seat cushion on chairs around the house, at work, or anywhere else you may need help with movement and reducing strains on your hips and back.

  • 360° swivel car seat makes smoothly moving from one position to another safe and more comfortable. 
  • Lightweight and portable so you can easily take it from car to home and back again. 
  • Non-skid base: the base of this rotating car cushion is strong yet flexible for most car seats.
  • Soft and easy to care for: removable machine washable velour cover.
  • Comfortable memory foam on the rotating car cushion makes it a soft and comfy addition to any seat.
  • Non-skid base on this mobility swivel car seat means it won't slide out of place.
  • Sized generously: it has a weight capacity of 300lbs and measures 15" in diameter. 

If you’re elderly or mobility challenged, activities like waiting in line or running errands can be made much easier with the aid of the light and durable Forsite Health Adjustable Cane Seat. This style of cane with seat is hugely popular with those who want to live life to the fullest—they can get out with the help of the stable support of a cane, and the impromptu comfort of a seat. It folds up for easy storage and carrying, too.

  • Convenient seat cane that offers stable support for movement and rest.
  • Lightweight and foldable: smoothly folds for easy storage and portability.
  • Tailor it to your needs: this adjustable walking cane with seat can go from 18” to 21” and can hold up to 300lbs.
  • Non-slip rubber feetmake sure you stay steady on your feet and when you take a seat.
  • Tough yet light, this folding stool cane is made from high-grade extruded aluminum construction.
  • Comes ready to go: no need to assemble anything.